Suntrust Palm City - AMENITIES

House General Specifications:


  • Gauge 26 pre-painted Rib-type long span G.I. sheets, complete with bended accessories on
  • steel roof framing system; with insulation


  • Fiber cement board painted finish for Ground Floor and Second Floor ceiling


  • Powder coated aluminum sliding windows


  • Panel door painted finish for Main door
  • Powder coated aluminum sliding door (if applicable)
  • Flush-type with painted finish for Service door & Bedrooms
  • PVC door with jamb for toilet & batPVC bath


  • Stainless steel sink with faucet
  • Glazed tiles for countertop and splashboard with utility cabinet under the sink


  • Flush-type toilet bowl with lavatory
  • Glazed tiles for walls
  • Unglazed tiles for floors


  • Ground Floor: Ceramic tiles
  • Second Floor: Ceramic tiles


  • Interior : Painted finish
  • Exterior : Textured cement paint finish


  • Reinforced Concrete Stairs with wooden planks steps


  • Bedrooms : Fiber cement board double wall partition
  • Toilet & Bath : Concrete partition

The first thing that residents and guests will see before entering the Suntrust Palm City is the beautifully designed entrance gate, which is surrounded by impressively landscaped tropical foliage that calls to mind the city’s natural beauty and main industries. This entrance gate boasts of a contemporary architectural style that projects the developer’s vision of a dynamic, well-rounded community. The gate will also be manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trained security personnel and a state-of-the-art CCTV camera surveillance system to monitor all activities for the safety of the residents.

The roads leading into different corners of Suntrust Palm City are specifically designed to be wide and spacious, offering residents and guests the pleasure of open roads that they do not often see in Metro Manila and other major urban cities. Complementing these beautifully paved roads is an underground drainage system to ensure flood-free streets even during the height of typhoon or monsoon seasons. Streetlights will also be installed in key locations along these roads for the residents’ convenience and safety.

A centralized water tank system will also be constructed in Suntrust Palm City to ensure the continuous supply of water in every home and common area found within the subdivision.

Another highlight of this sprawling development is its very own commercial district, which will grant residents instant access to shops and stores carrying daily necessities.

At the heart of the Suntrust Palm City development is the clubhouse, which is seen by the developer as the social hub of the community. It has the same contemporary and minimalist architectural style that runs through the entire subdivision, from its beautiful entrance gate to each of the home models. Located beside the clubhouse will be the adult and kiddie pools, which will be surrounded by landscaped tropical foliage. This evokes the feeling of natural harmony in the residents as they take a refreshing dip in the pools.

Suntrust Properties also has the general health and wellness of residents in mind, which is why they have thoughtfully added fitness facilities dedicated for the exclusive use of the residents. Basketball fans and enthusiasts will definitely love the full-sized basketball court, which is perfect for a quick game after work or after school, or for community tournaments. There are also wide open spaces, parks, and a playground for a wide variety of physical activities and socialization among neighbors.

Aside from these impressive amenities, the developer also made sure that residents get to enjoy unique and thoughtfully added features in their very own homes. Perched on the top of every home is a gauge 26, pre-painted rib-type galvanized iron sheet roofing, finished with matching bended accessories on a sturdy and reliable roof framing system. Insulation is also carefully installed in the roof to provide residents with better interior temperatures regardless of the weather.

All the windows in the home units are made with glass and special powder-coated aluminum sliding types that lets in a generous amount of natural light during the day. These windows can be safely locked from the inside. Kitchens also come with a stainless steel sink, complete with faucet fixtures, as well as beautifully glazed tiles for splashboard (behind the sink) and countertops. The developer has also included a built-in utility cabinet under the sink for a clever storage option.

All toilets and baths are finished with a combination of glazed and unglazed tiles for a clean, modern look and ultimate function. Interior floors are also covered in easy-to-clean ceramic tiles, while the carport is covered in a pebble washout with tile accent to prevent slippage, especially during the rainy season.

  • Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guard house & CCTV
  • 24/7 Security
  • Wide Concrete road network
  • Concrete Perimeter wall
  • Centralized Water System
  • Underground Drainage System
  • Street Lights
  • Water Tank
  • Commercial District
  • Basketball court
  • Park & playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Pool (Adult & kiddie)
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